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Thriver Packs

Our thriver packs have been carefully curated by the cancer community to make your journey with testicular, ovarian or other germ cell cancers more comfortable. 

Welcome to the club no-one asked to join.

We’re sorry you’ve joined us, but glad you’ve found us.

What’s a Thriver?


Anyone who has been diagnosed with testicular or ovarian cancer - regardless of age, gender, treatment, diagnosis or prognosis - being a Thriver is about being part of a community that ‘gets it’.


What’s in our packs? All contents in this pack have been carefully selected by Thrivers from our community who have recommended their most helpful items - whether it’s for chemo side-effects, post-treatment recovery or to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

How do I get one? Simply fill out
the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to support you. 

Pack Includes:

  • Fuck You Cancer Colouring Book; because who doesn't love sticking one up at cancer?

  • Ginger Tea to help any symptoms of nausea.

  • Water Bottle to keep you hydrated.

  • Lemon Sweets to help fight dry mouth from Chemotherapy.

  • Lip Balm to help stop cracked lips. 

  • Pens & Pencils so you can colour, write a journal or just write down how you're feeling.

  • A Thriver Tote Bag to carry all your cool new swag around in.

Chemo affects thriver pack.png
RCT_Thriver Pack (3).jpg

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