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The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK's germ cell cancer community.


Our mission is to stop young adults dying from germ cell cancer - we do this through raising awareness with our life-saving cancer campaigns, engaging  young adults with our digital education programmes to  & empowering the germ cell cancer community across the UK through our community.

Since 2012, we have reached 12 million people online, engaged with over 175,000 men and women in the community, and delivered life-saving educational talks to over 25,000 young adults in schools, colleges & businesses across the region.

The Robin Cancer Trust was founded in 2012 by the Freeman family following the untimely death of their son and brother, Robin Freeman, aged just 24.

Robin was diagnosed in the prime of his life in 2011 with a Mediastinal Germ Cell Tumour (a grapefruit-sized tumour in his chest). Following 10 months in treatment, including several rounds of chemotherapy and a stem-cell transplant, he was told there was nothing else his medical team could do. He passed away surrounded by his loved ones on December 10th 2011.

His family promised him that ‘he would never just be a photograph on the wall’ and that something good would be born of his tragedy. Robin inspires us to raise awareness, reduce embarrassment and save young lives through the early detection of germ cell cancers.

We want to prevent another family from going through what they did.