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Our Vision

We believe that through education, engagement and empowerment we will save lives. We want all young people to know what’s normal for them, have the confidence to visit a doctor if they are concerned, and to live their best life if they have been affected by cancer.

With your support we will be able to reach every young person in the UK with our life-saving cancer campaigns.

Your Donations

We use your donations in ways that allow us to

reach the most young people with our life-saving message.

  • £10 – allows our awareness campaigns to reach thousands of young people online.

  • £25 – enables us to send a care package to a young person recently diagnosed with cancer.

  • £50 – allows us to deliver a life-saving educational talk to students at school, college or university.



Our testicular cancer campaign has reached millions of people across the world with one simple message... #TalkingBollocks saves lives.

From sending a pair of balls into space, to breaking the world record for the most testicular self-checks on a Zoom call, to reaching 100,000 people at

music festivals with our infamous big-balls! We believe in breaking down the stigma of talking about our balls.

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Your Stories

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer; if you’re a survivor, thriver or warrior; if you’ve lost someone close to you, or if you’re supporting a loved-one through their treatment – sharing your story can be an incredibly powerful and cathartic experience.


Our journey started with sharing our story – you never know who you might help or inspire.



Our life-saving ovarian cancer campaign has reached millions of young people with one clear aim – to remind you you’re #NotOvaryacting.

We want you to love your body, know your body and listen to your body – she knows you best! We want you to put your Ovaries before your Brovaries and be empowered when it comes to your health.

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