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It was not an ovaryaction.

Sophie Dart, Ovarian Germ Cell Cancer Survivor
Sarah, Ovarian Cancer Badass

I moved back home after living in Australia for a year, had a new job and had moved in with my best friend.

Life was perfect.

I started at the gym to shift the extra pounds I'd picked up on my travels! Over the course of a few months, I noticed I was losing a lot of weight from everywhere other than my stomach.

I also noticed my toilet habits had changed so I first visited the GP in November 2017, where I was prescribed laxatives.

Over the next 4 months I was back and forward to the GP.

All my symptoms were easily put down as other things. Tired from working lots and living a hectic life. Losing weight due to diet and exercise. Changed periods due to the contraceptive pill.

In March 2018 I woke up one night in agony. The next day I was sent to hospital and we discussed a possible cyst.

Fast forward to June, and I had undergone 2 major surgeries, including a full hysterectomy and abdominal debunking, 37 pelvic lymph nodes removed, 14lb of tumours removed and diagnosed with stage 3 low grade ovarian cancer.

I wasn't even 26 yet.

I then had 6 sessions of chemotherapy which finished in November 2018. Within the space of a year I had gone from the happiest I had been, to one stage away from being terminally ill.

The ability to have children taken away from me before I'd even had the chance.

I want everyone to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer and to recognise and act on any changes. A smear test does not detect it. Know your body and listen to it. I'm eternally grateful to still be here today. This year I turned 30 - something I had ruled out being able to see.

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