What is Germ Cell Cancer?

Germ cells are the cells in your body that make up your reproductive cells – your sperm or eggs – and are found in your testicles or ovaries (or your gonads as they are formally known).

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Talking Bollocks...

Talking Bollocks is The RCT’s testicular cancer awareness campaign! Testicular cancer is over 96% curable if detected early, so Talking Bollocks really could save your life.

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You're Not

You’re Not Ovary-acting is The RCT’s ovarian cancer
awareness campaign! We want to scream and shout that
ovarian cancer is NOT a silent killer!


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Text 70300!

Text 70300 to take advantage of our FREE monthly text reminder service to perform a testicular self exam.

We're #TalkingBollocks about

Testicular Cancer

This is your guilt-free excuse to touch your balls once a month (just make sure it’s after a hot bath or shower, not at the dinner table…) So we’ve gone balls-out to give you all the info you need get to know your privates.


#YoureNotOvaryacting about

Ovarian Cancer

They say that ovarian cancer is the silent killer… We say that’s bullshit. We’re here to let you know there are signs & symptoms to look-out for. We want you to listen to your body, she knows you best.


#TheRCT interview with the the Freeman family

#TeamRCT please watch & share this video – in which the Freeman family talk about our inspiration Rob, his life, diagnosis and passing – and why we set up #TheRCT to raise awareness of germ cell cancers.

Posted by The Robin Cancer Trust on Wednesday, 9 December 2015
#TheRCT 5 Years On

#TeamRCT please watch and share our video - #TheRCT 5 Years On - remembering five years since we lost Rob, and celebrating everything we have achieved in his name since; raising awareness, reducing embarrassment and saving lives ❤️

Posted by The Robin Cancer Trust on Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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Your donations fund our life-saving cancer awareness campaigns – helping us reach tens of thousands of people at events & through awareness talks and millions of young men and women across the UK online via social media and our website. Thank you for helping us save lives ❤


Free Text Reminders

Text BALLS or OVARY to 70300 to receive your free monthly text reminder from The Robin Cancer Trust! Whether you need a gentle nudge to check your balls for testicular cancer, or just a quick reminder of the symptoms of ovarian cancer – we’re here for you #TeamRCT ✌



Join our amazing #TeamRCT volunteers and help us raise awareness, reduce embarrassment and save lives! At festivals, freshers’ fairs and events throughout the year – help us bring life-saving awareness information to your community – we couldn’t do it without you! 🙌


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