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Remembering Rob

red for robin

Why we wear #RedForRobin

After losing Rob in 2011, we were lost. As a family we were broken without any knowledge of how to put ourselves back together. One thing we did know is that we couldn’t do anything without the support of our family and friends.

In the first year after losing Rob we set-up The Robin Cancer Trust – with the aim of raising awareness of germ cell cancers in 16-35 year olds. Our hope was to prevent another family from going through what we did. Our friends helped us organise events to fundraise and our family donated to help us set-up our fledgling charity – and when the inevitable ‘anniversaries’ crept up on us, they were there by our side; with a listening ear, a warm hug and a drink in-hand to raise to Rob.

As the charity grew, as did our support network; of new friends, followers and well-wishers – all of whom now felt like family – those amazing people we now call #TeamRCT. Now, we had more people supporting us than we could fit into Mum & Dad’s house for an evening remembering Rob – so on 10th December 2014, we asked our supporters to wear #RedForRobin for the first time. The response was overwhelming – hundreds of people, many of whom knew Rob, but many who just knew his story through The Robin Cancer Trust, wore red and uploaded their pictures to show how much they cared. It was (and still is) the most heartwarming show of support anyone could ask for on the toughest day of the year for our family.

Over the years #RedForRobin has taken on an even-more-beautiful meaning; to remembering Rob and all those we’ve lost, to honouring those affected by germ cell cancer, and celebrating the survivors still with us. This meaning mirrors the evolution of The Robin Cancer Trust; from a small, family-run charity, set-up to in memory of Robin as a signposting website for other families going through what we did – into a national charity that acts as a voice for all those affected by germ cell cancer; which has reached 10+ million people online, over 135,000 people at events and delivered life-saving educational talks to 10,000 young men and women. This charity will always hold Rob’s story close to our hearts as our inspirational, this is his legacy to the world – but we have also grown into something that has captured the hearts of tens-of-thousands of people across the world who have been affected by this awful disease, and to me that is truly amazing.

I’ll leave you with this quote, taken from Rob’s Story – which I wrote in 2012 when we founded The Robin Cancer Trust – as I believe it rings as true now as it did then…

“Rob could be you; your child; your mate; your colleague or your lover – cancer doesn’t discriminate age or gender, so we are all vulnerable to its tragedy.”

This is why we wear #RedForRobin.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you can join us tomorrow for a nationwide day of remembrance for everyone affected by germ cell cancer,

Toby Freeman,
Rob’s younger brother – Founder & CEO, The Robin Cancer Trust

1: Wear something red
2: Take a pic, upload it and share it using the hashtag #RedForRobin
3: Text ROBIN to 70300 to donate £3 (UK only)

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