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Testicular Cancer Awareness Month – #TalkingBollocks

testicular cancer awareness month

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and we want YOU #TalkingBollocks! Every year 2,200 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer in the UK. We want to make sure everyone of them catch this rare form of cancer as early as possible, as testicular cancer is 96% curable if detected early!

How to get involved:

STEP 1) Write your favourite name for your testicles on an A4 piece of paper (download template here)

STEP 2) Take a selfie!

STEP 3) Upload your pic to social media using the hashtag #TalkingBollocks

STEP 4) Tag your friends and ask them what they call theirs!

Ross Noble calls his ‘Plums’! What do you call yours #TeamRCT?

ross noble

How to check your balls:

Watch our life-saving awareness video and learn how to perform a monthly testicular self-exam – just one minute per month could save your life!

You can also share our awareness information with your friends, family & colleagues to help make them aware of the signs & symptoms. Download or share them via social media by clicking the links below:


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