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Message from the CEO

Toby FreemanFounder & Chief Executive OfficerToby Freeman
Mobile: 07874069778

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to visit The Robin Cancer Trust website and taking the time to learn more about our charity and the awareness work we do.

Although I appreciate you wanting know what I have to say, if you’d like to know what The RCT is all about then I’d suggest you watch our videos, check out our social media sites or came and join us at one of our events!

I miss my brother every day. It sucks not having him about – he was the funniest, kindest and most humble bloke I’ve ever met, and he was damn handsome and bloody good at footy to boot! Even now, I’ll go to text him whenever I see something that makes me chuckle, or if I hear a football transfer rumour. Most days it seems all too easy to sit and switch-off, to numb my brain in TV, movies or a video game – at least then I won’t be thinking of how I’ll never see my big-bro again.

There is one thing that keeps me going though – The Robin Cancer Trust. It sounds corny I know, but if it wasn’t for The RCT and the unbelievable support and generosity of our friends, family and supporters then I’m not sure what I’d be doing. I certainly never thought when we began The RCT that I’d become CEO and I’d spend my days and nights thinking of how to get young people to touch their bollocks and talk about their ovaries!

That being said, I wouldn’t change one second of it. It’s been an incredible journey and I thank everyone who’s been involved with The RCT from the beginning for helping us achieve our goals and pushing us to aim higher. You are my inspiration for keeping going and long may that continue.

Now, remember to keep #TalkingBollocks and reminding yourselves #YoureNotOvaryacting – I look forward to seeing you soon #TeamRCT – you’re the bollocks.

Toby Freeman
Rob’s brother, Founder & CEO of The Robin Cancer Trust

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