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the robin cancer trustAbout The RCT

The Robin Cancer Trust (The RCT) was founded in 2012 following the death of our son/brother/friend, Robin Freeman, aged just 24, after he was diagnosed with germ cell cancer in January 2011. Whilst Rob was ill, we realised there was a lack of information available to the public about germ cell cancer (not a terminology we’d heard before) and so we decided to become that hub of information and raise awareness of this rare form of cancer, so that another family wouldn’t have to go through what we did.

The RCT aims to raise awareness of germ cell cancers, which includes both testicular and ovarian cancers, in 16-35 year olds. Germ cell cancers are over 90% curable if detected early, which is why we aim to educate young men and women about the signs & symptoms in order increase the chances of early detection and save lives.

The Robin Cancer Trust is the UK’s only dedicated germ cell cancer awareness charity. Registered charity number 1148999

Raising awareness

The RCT currently run two separate awareness campaigns, Talking Bollocks is our testicular cancer awareness campaign and You’re Not Ovary-acting is our ovarian cancer campaign.

We have produced several printed materials for awareness information, including several posters, awareness leaflets and information cards. If you would like to help us spread awareness then please download our posters and put them up (with permission!) at home, work or wherever you may play.

We have also produced various awareness videos including ‘How to perform a testicular self-exam from #TheRCT’, ‘Ovarian Cancer symptoms’ and an ‘Interview with the trustees’ in which Toby, Mark & Lorna talk about rob, his diagnosis, passing and setting up The RCT. Please take the time to watch all our videos and don’t forget to share them if you enjoy them!
Since we began raising awareness in 2012, the highest compliment we have received is the amount of positive feedback we’ve heard from our supporters – informing us that they have started performing regular self-exams or have visited the doctors because of the information in our awareness campaigns.

Awareness talks

Reaching our target audience of 16-25 year olds includes giving awareness talks to school, colleges, community organisations and other charities. We can specify these talks to cover germ cell cancer as a whole, or testicular or ovarian cancer (depending on our audience). We feel this is a really important way of reaching younger people, especially the schools and colleges, and educating them in an informal, memorable way. If you are interested in organising a talk then please contact us.

At events

We try to take every opportunity to raise awareness within the community and over the past year have hosted and attended numerous events the UK to spread our message. This includes being involved in the community festivals, all-day music events and fashion parades to name but a few. If you would like us to raise awareness at an event you are organising then please contact us.

Social Media

As a charity aimed at reaching 16-35 year olds, we have worked hard at building our social media presence, which is now very strong with over 4,000 followers and update our facebook and twitter accounts daily with messages of awareness and charity updates. In today’s technological age, social media allows us to reach thousands of young people instantaneously with our life-saving information. Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date on all things #TheRCT.

Our Mission Statement:


The Robin Cancer Trust aims to saves lives through raising awareness and reducing embarrassment of the signs & symptoms of germ cell cancers, which includes both testicular and ovarian cancers, in young adults.

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